The Brand

Shantelle is dedicated to pursuing excellence by paying attention to design details and exquisite aesthetics whilst seeking to set a high standard of quality. The brand believes in sustaining the classic feminine form via a traditional vision in an increasingly contemporary world. Each piece is one-of-a-kind in terms of individuality, uniqueness, and elegance.

The Designers

Realizing her love for fashion early on, Uzma had a lifelong dream of coming up with a brand of her own. The zeal and zest within her made it possible to bring this dream to life. Together with her daughter Maheen, the mother-daughter dynamic duo came up with Shantelle. The diversity in design comes from their shared fashion sensibility. The blend of Uzma's classic sense of style and Maheen's novel aesthetics has been the brand's greatest strength thus far, creating eccentric timeless masterpieces.